One Single ITZAGASCAN ($11.95 shipped)

Six Pack of ITZAGASCAN ($45.00 shipped)

Twelve Pack of ITZAGASCAN $67.35 shipped





The ITZAGASCAN is the incredible collapsible, one-time use gas can!!! It stores under the seat, in the trunk or in your motorcycle saddlebag!.just in case. It is safe, easy and environmentally friendly!!!

Open and Closed

The ITZAGASCAN has been tested by the most rigorous of standards for attended transport of fuel. The ITZAGASCAN is not for unattended storage of fuel.

Six Pack Caddy


The ITZAGASCAN is the perfect solution to a common roadside problem when the  gas station is out of gas cans or the pumps are still working but the store is closed. Stranded motorists are often forced to use non-compliant containers potentially exposing them to extreme danger. The ITZAGASCAN takes up very little space in the trunk, under the seat or in your motorcycle saddlebag!... making it a necessary emergency item.

The ITZAGASCAN is currently prohibited from sale in the following states:

New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Texas, Iowa, Oregon and Massachusetts.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and are diligently working with the states to rectify this unfortunate situation. If you are in these states and wish to comment, please feel free to send us an e-mail..




There are many types of containers that we use that once held simple household hazardous wastes such as charcoal lighter fluid containers, oil cans, bleach containers and pesticides. We deposit these in the trash when empty.

The EPA terms these containers as household hazardous waste containers and dictates they be empty before putting into the trash. The ITZAGASCAN is also considered a household hazardous waste container.

The key word here is empty. What is empty? The EPA wants as much removed as possible from the container prior to disposal. Technically, in the case of the ITZAGASCAN, the container must contain less than 1" of fuel but it is our recommendation to empty completely and place the container in a well ventilated outdoor trash receptacle.